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Default Midi CC/Notes mapping

o0_o0_ SANTA MONICAPosts: 107

While I think its really cool to be able to "learn" midi channels, kit notes and Midi CC, I can see this little dance getting really old really fast for everyone that and up using their Deluge as a midi-slave on a regular basis.

Here's a couple of suggestions that would ( I hope ) improve that workflow.

Midi Channels

Give a way to "see" when a track has been assigned to a Midi Channel. ( Maybe using LEARN+MIDI as a shortcut to display the current assignement? )

Allow the Midi Channel to be set and/or modified using the main encoder. ( As above, LEARN+MIDI, or whatever combo, and rotating the encoder could be a good option ). In a live performance environment, we may already be sending a bunch of Midi data on the port that the Deluge is plugged into, and you wouldn't want the Track to be assigned to whatever channel the next midi event happens to

Kit Note assignements

In my opinion the Midi note assignments for a Kit should be part of the kit. There is no good reason for it to change dynamically every single time you load that kit on a track. Also because the Midi channel can be different, and is much faster to change than setting up every single note of a klt. I'm assuming you can still change that assigment on the fly, but at least you could get started faster.

Also when no note assignment has been created for a kit, it probably make sense to just have a default assignment that starts at C0 ( or whatever the Deluge considers Midi Note 0 to be ) and go up from there. Again in the spirit of having sensible defaults to get up and running quickly but still have the option to change for specific use cases.

Synth Midi CC assigments

I'm dreading having to go map up to 128 parameter to CC number every-time I want to control the Deluge externally. In general the accepted practice is that the synth has a fixed parameter to cc mapping, and the controller adapts. This means that once the controller is setup for that synth, you can use that over and over again.

Just like with Kits I think it makes sense to make the Midi CC assignment part of the Synth's preset definition, so it's always available whenever you need to use it. This way, the assigment carries over where-ever on the Deluge that particular synth gets used, and only the Midi Channel needs to be set.

Kit CC Assigments

Same as above, this should be assigned and stored at the Kit level, once and for all.


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    drGrovdrGrov Hampshire, UKBeta Tester Posts: 14

    +1 to this. I'd also like an option where the MIDI channel for track is auto-learned. My Rev2 is on MIDI channel 1, so to record from it all I really want to do is set the Deluge to MIDI channel 1. Having to learn the input is an unwanted extra step. In fact, I thought there was a problem with my MIDI setup until I realised I had to go through the learn step before I could record from an external synth :)

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    o0_o0_ SANTA MONICAPosts: 107

    @alien_brain said:
    kits have too many parameters for midi control assignment the way youre suggesting

    It doesn't matter, because the limitation is on the Midi side. You get 128 CC messages per channel. so if the Kit can only use a single Midi input channel you get to assign 128 CC, no more, no less. If a kit can support multiple midi channels then you get more. But that doesn't change the question of when and how often you get to setup the mapping.

    I'm just suggesting that doing it in advance and saving that with the Kit could be really useful. You can still modify and learn/assign things on the fly. I'm suggesting that a completely blank slate, and interrupting what you are doing to do lengthy management chores is an absolute productivity and creativity killer.

    The reason I'm mostly hardware-based is because, when I want to be making music, I want to make music. not spend time endlessly setting up and configuring the same stuff over and over again. The current workflow is similar to always unplugging all audio and midi cables from your gear between songs. Want to make a new song? spend 20 minute connecting your synths back together before you can make a sound.

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    fryyyyfryyyy germanyPosts: 161

    I have added a script in the Deluge Kit Generator

    It lets you load a song via Downrush, select a track, KIT and midi channel. Then it remaps all the notes for you and you can save it back to Deluge via Downrush. I will provide a video soon that shows the process. It takes only like 5 seconds to assign a whole KIT.

    Deluge Kit Generator

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    OszilloOszillo -Posts: 26

    (running Firmware 2.1.3)
    For simplicity of the workflow i'd like to save one time a done midi mapping with a Kit or Synth or even Song and then reuse it via loading or switching to it.. so its even possible to have different prepared mappings to be used as defaults when there is a wish not to start with a blank one.

    So actually suggesting to implement a default KIT, SYNTH, MIDIi, CV - Midi Map Setting.

    Using the Deluge mostly in hardware environment with at least 16 synths/pedals..
    I know thats a lot but thinking it not unusual for berlin studios ^^.. As artist i also travel between different studios and there is of course a different layout of available machines. Studio time costs a bit where i dont want to spend to much time with setting up only signal mapping. That would cross out the octatrack which at least lets you copy midi settings.

    • When i switch a MIDI channel i have (when done before) then a wrong mapping because the machine responding at that new specific set channel is not using the same CCs as the machine used to be triggered an the other channel before of course. To get rid of the mapping i switch short to SYNTH and back to MIDI and have a blank Midi Channel then which is even a bit.. but well a workaround at the moment.

    I'd wish when i switch the Midi channel it also loads a default Mapping out of (and here the thing..) a Midi default for each of the 16 channels.. ending up in possibly 16 files or how ever it is possible to store on the SD.

    And a huge thing would also be to be able to set Programm Messages together in a KIT just like its done for MIDI channels..

    another hint: When i create a KIT sending Midi Notes on specific channels, i also wish to control certain CCs belonging to this note. Which is usually the case when triggering a drum machine where each note represents a different drum voice with several CCs to control it.. at the moment i have to create an extra Midi track to control this.. thats okay but again.. i travel with lots of papers just to remind myself the CC numbers of all those instruments when i have a learn function on the Deluge.. doh! :wink:

    There are plenty of improvements that can be done, but the moment very looking forward to Firmware 3.0
    Just said the update cycles from synthstrom is allready much quicker than i have ever seen with Elektron..

    CU at superbooth, berlin

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    hurdygurdyhurdygurdy Posts: 37

    +1 to saving mapped midi at synth/kit level. This would allow the user to build synths / kits including the midi mapping, and could add to the knob tweaking greatly...

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    austingreenaustingreen United StatesBeta Tester Posts: 7

    +1 I'd love to make an ipad midi template with the Midi Designer app to control and see all the parameters of the synth or other things on the deluge all at once. It shouldn't take too long, i've made quite a few with this app for less knobby synth and devices (including Axoloti!,) they work great. But I can't remap all the controls more than once, that's nuts. So yeah, a way to save these assignments, or a default configuration would be much appreciated.

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    olicolic Posts: 15

    i agree. that would be nice.

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