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Deluge does not properly control iPad synths via midi

DocRomplerDocRompler Pittsburgh PAPosts: 20

Hey guys! I've run into sort of a weird issue. For some reason I can't get my Deluge to communicate properly with the synths in my iPad over midi. I know that the Deluge is sending midi just fine to my hardware synths and that the iPad is receiving midi just fine from other sequencers (Keystep, if that matters). Even weirder is that the Deluge RECIEVES midi data from the iPad just fine, it just refuses to work properly when it's in control.

When I plug the Deluge into my iPad via my midi interface and try to input note data the vast majority of notes that I play don't make it through and the occasional one that does make it through doesn't send note off data so I just end up with one note endlessly droning. This happens regardless of which iPad synth I'm using (I've tested it on at least 4).

I suspect that my cheap Griffin iPad interface has something to do with this issue but the fact that everything else I do with it works just fine makes me hesitate to be definitive about it. Before I drop any cash on a new interface I thought it would be a good idea to ask around and see if anyone else has had this issue or if there is some solution that just isn't making itself obvious to me. All I want to do is sequence my iOS synths with the Deluge and it's the only thing that isn't working. It's driving me crazy.



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    Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandPosts: 614

    Are you still having problems?

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    DocRomplerDocRompler Pittsburgh PAPosts: 20

    @Ian_Jorgensen said:
    Are you still having problems?

    Hey Ian. Unfortunately I am. I'm still having the same issue with midi via the interface I'm using and I've encountered another issue as well. I've tried to connect the Deluge to the iPad with USB via a camera connection kit in an attempt to do midi over USB but the Deluge tries to draw power from the iPad and it appears that no midi is transmitted. I'm currently considering purchasing a different midi interface, namely the Korg Plugkey, to see if that will solve the issue. Do you have any suggestions or alternatives for me?

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    z1vz1v Posts: 7

    I just tried it and indeed the Deluge takes too much power from the iPad so the iPad shuts it out. A USB MIDI cable via CCK works fine though, at least from a basic test I did. Used the iConnectivity mio

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    overdopedoverdoped meckpommPosts: 15

    maybe this is a little help

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    u812manyu812many FloridaPosts: 1
    Hello, are you using a genuine Apple camera connection kit? The aftermarket ones have issues. Apple has also released a newer version of the camera connection kit that has a lightning port to connect a charging cable to the CCK - this will allow the deluge to be connected to your iPad via usb and the deluge will receive enough power to run and charge. If you want a more mobile setup you can use a Mio for your deluge via midi din ports and connect the other end to your CCK - this way the deluge will not try to charge its battery because you are not using its usb.

    There are many options but it will depend on how many devices you would like to connect and whether you want a mobile option (no external power needed) or not.
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