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Walkthrough Videos

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List of what features and when shown in the videos is below the video previews

Walkthrough 1:
Walkthrough 2:
Walkthrough 3:

Feature log (Thanks Neil)
Walkthrough 1
00:00 Track Mode, adding notes to a track
00:50 Scrolling track vertically to access more note
01:15 Different note lengths
01:30 Synth preset selection
01:50 Synth parameter knobs
02:15 Parameter selection (for gold knobs)
02:30 Song view
02:45 Create new track
03:00 Programming a kit track
03:30 Tempo + Swing
04:30 Audition pads
04:50 Vertical scrolling kit
05:10 Horizontal zooming and scrolling
06:00 White pads showing finer precision is hidden
07:00 Muting individual drums
07:20 Velocity editing. (this has changed slightly, refer to manual)
07:55 Triplets mode
08:50 Track length editing
10:00 Cross-screen edit
11:00 Setting length of track
12:00 Real-time recording
12:55 Colour setting
13:30 Scales
15:00 Keyboard Mode
16:30 Recording in Keyboard Mode (a red recording indicator now appears whilst recording)
18:00 Song View, starting and stopping individual tracks
19:00 Track cloning (this has changed slightly, refer to manual)
19:55 Reordering tracks
20:20 Delete track (this has changed slightly, refer to manual)
20:40 Song sections (this has changed slightly, refer to manual or "Song Sections" video in the "Video Tutorials" forum)
21:25 Section column explanation (as above)
23:20 Double tapping section pads to override all playing tracks
24:40 Song view showing different track lengths
25:00 Saving and loading
25:40 Song sub-slots
26:10 Create new blank song
26:30 Loading samples
26:50 File Browser (samples)
27:50 Adding more samples to a kit
28:20 Affecting Samples
29:30 Recording Samples
30:20 Affect Entire
31:30 Gold Knob modes/functions (pressing down)
32:45 Stutter Effect
33:40 Affecting Track in Song View
34:10 Affecting Entire Song

Walkthrough 2
Not shown here is how the Shortcut System works which makes this all much faster with less menu diving. Check out the "Deluge Update" video in the "Video Tutorials" forum to see how that works, then return here to see the features
00:00 Sound Editor
00:20 Create new synth
00:30 Select knob to enter synth parameters
01:00 Oscillator Type
01:30 Pulse Width, Transpose and Volume (OSC1)
02:00 Noise
02:10 LPF
02:50 Envelope 1
03:30 HPF
03:45 Filter Mode 24db/12db
04:10 Envelope 2, LFO 1, LFO 2
04:40 LFO Shape
05:00 Voice Options (poly/mono mode)
05:50 Unison/detune
06:35 Arpeggiator
08:20 Patching
08:55 Selecting modulation source with Select knob
09:30 Multiple modulation sources
11:30 Modulation Effects (flanger, chorus, phaser)
13:00 EQ
13:50 Delay (sync options)
16:00 FM Synth
17:00 FM Carrier settings
18:00 FM Modulator settings
19:00 FM Modulator destination settings
20:30 Gold knob parameter assignment
21:50 Saving Presets
22:30 Using samples as oscillator source
24:10 Trimming audio samples
26:00 Changing sample start point (video differs slightly from current firmware)
26:40 Sample loop types
28:00 Sample note lengths
29:10 Droning notes
29:30 Side chaining
30:30 Patching side chain to LPF frequency
31:00 Patching side chain to pitch
32:20 Random modulation source
32:55 Tempo, tap tempo
34:00 Volume and Pan
34:25 Setting Track volume from Song Mode
35:30 Further effects (song), cycling through room sizes
36:00 Cycling through modulation effects with gold knobs (song mode)

Walkthrough 3
01:25 Controlling SH-101 via CV and gate
01:50 Controlling Yamaha CS5 via CV and gate
02:30 Sequencing the CS5
03:30 Controlling Moog via MIDI
05:30 CV and Gate setup on the Deluge
05:50 Setting Menu
06:00 Gate
07:00 CV voltage adjustment
07:50 CV channel transpose and cent adjustment
08:10 Selecting CV channel output for track
11:30 Sync Scaling
13:50 Tempo Magnitude Matching
16:20 Turning off magnitude matching
16:40 Deluge as MIDI sync source

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