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Midi feedback, Start/Stop command, Mute/Launch Remote


Hello community

As a proud owner of a Deluge I am prepearing a new live set and planing the Deluge to be the centerpiece of the setup.

During the testing and implementation several questions occured:

1) I am trying to use my Behringer BCR2000 Midi controller to controle a wider array of Deluge‘s parameters. (If you are not familiar with this certain controller: there are just encoders and knobs/switches, no pots). For the LED status of both the encoders and knobs I‘d require MIDI value feedback of the Deluge.
Is this supported by the Deluge? I found nothing specific in the manual...

2) Situation: I am in Track View of a Drum Kit and would like to assign a CC command to the Mute/Launch Pad of a single drum row e.g. the Kick drum. Though it is pretty easy to assign certain CC parameter to a Kit‘s Volume, Pan etc via Shift Mode, I just don‘ t work it out how to assign this certain Mute/Launch Pads to a spezific CC. Are the some min- and max-values (0-127) for engage and disengage this mute function?

3) As the Deluge ist Sync/Clock Master for other devices too, is there an option to switch off the MIDI Start/Stop Command? Because now, everytime I start the Deluge, every other sequencer starts to run (e.g the one of the Roland SH01a and the Malekko Manther). But the Deluge sequences their notes and should leave their internal sequencer switched off.

Thanks for help!


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    darenagerdarenager Between a rack and a hardware placeBeta Tester Posts: 222

    For #3 I’d turn off receive sync on the external gear, but yes you can stop Deluge sending midi clock in the settings menu.

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    FuMusicFuMusic Posts: 6
    edited April 2019

    @darenager thank you for your response. I suspected that. There is some equipment on which you cannot switch off ext. sync.
    e.g. the SH01a.
    Would this be a legitimated future update request?

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    darenagerdarenager Between a rack and a hardware placeBeta Tester Posts: 222

    FYI you can turn off ext sync on SH01a as I do on mine, it is in the menu:

    Press menu, press 4, turn tempo until it says SYNC, press 1, turn tempo until it says INT, press menu to exit.

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    FuMusicFuMusic Posts: 6

    @darenager you’re the man! Thank you
    Do you have any ideas 'bout my second question?

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    darenagerdarenager Between a rack and a hardware placeBeta Tester Posts: 222

    Sadly it is not possible.

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