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Top 3 things people like / use / love about the Deluge


Hey all,

In asking about the top three things you all like about the Deluge because I'm really looking to understand what people find they it's strengths are/most fun production/song writing goodness.

Why am I asking this?
In some cases I come from using other gear and that skewes my thoughts on how it should work vs the core strengths that it has.

In looking online I found a few good walkthroughs of how to use - super helpful - but very few on the top things it dies well and makes it unique.

I believe that this device is unique, had great strengths, I'm looking for a crash course in what those top items are.

My goal is to leverage it's strengths to compliment a couple of other devices I have for a small live show.

Any pointers and/or top thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,071
    • portability: i like i can move around, work on a song while travelling, move from studio room to couch, try a new feature in the bed, .. of course it is the same with laptops and smartphones but this is a dedicated device. it is just something different to power up the Deluge and get drawn into its magic lights.
    • sample streaming: just tried with a 12 GB sample load (orchestra multisample instruments), no problem for the Deluge. i regard this as a game changer in groovebox history. try that with Akai MPCs, Roland SPs, Korg Electribes, Elektrons, etc..
    • resampling: great design choice to make resampling a "first-citizen-function" (fast and easy recording of internal audio)

    another highlight is the sequencer: pattern sequencer (Song view), linear sequencer (Arranger), piano roll with cool features like conditional triggers.. surely one of the most advanced hardware sequencers out there.

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    cypher79cypher79 UKPosts: 157



    Ease of use

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    punchedoutpunchedout United StatesPosts: 29

    Unique 8x16 grid
    Developers continual amazing updates and willingness to work directly with the community. Thank you!

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    DVBDVB USAPosts: 48

    The beauty (& weakness) of the Deluge is that it can do almost anything. What other gear do you want to use it with & what would you be trying to do with it?

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    VondragonnogginVondragonnoggin California, USAPosts: 190

    Fast read times from sd card
    Ease of creating sample kits and sequencing samples
    Ease of polyrhythm and conditional sequencing on external gear

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    darenagerdarenager Between a rack and a hardware placePosts: 193

    Portability and great battery life, and easily user replaceable battery.

    CV and Gate outputs.

    Nice well featured sequencer.

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    krunchrkrunchr Mainz, GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 70
    • Multisamples
    • Battery
    • More than 64 Steps :wink:
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    vanklomkvanklomk United StatesBeta Tester Posts: 19
    1. It works as an all in one machine. Go from nothing to finished track with nothing else. Perfect for on the go improv stuff.

    2. Great battery life.

    3. Gets better with every update. I'm not (too) worried that Deluge 2 is about to make it obsolete.

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    MatthewGeorgeMatthewGeorge Cologne, GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 243

    Ease of use
    Loads of features yet minimal
    No screen

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    GameDudeGameDude EarthPosts: 44

    Best groovebox/sketchpad in the game right now. Sample management is fast and efficient. Only thing I could suggest is the ability to hear your sample replaced in your track in real-time as you browse your sample folders. As it is, it's still a 9.95 out of 10 imho <3

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    OszilloOszillo -Posts: 21

    No powerplug needed, you have enough USB cables at home to load your device.
    Going in studio after coffee, you will not break your neck transporting it. Its very lightweight and lets still place for some headphones in your bag.
    Midi out, Midi In, CV out, Gate out, USB-Midi out, out everything, even out CC..
    You are in a Kit tweeking some steps... while .. What? That running sound in studio i wanna have as drum, push Section + Record. boom! ohh but what when i wanna play that basedrum on the vermona out of the drum kit..? haha no problem, Section + CV zak! ready to go..
    Oh forgot there is no free channel on the mixer to record everything.. no problem, Resample everything and copy the recorded file.. not even noise on it.. just magic. Sell your octatrack and get a second deluge.. oops!

    There are only two things that disturbed a bit.. those two screws holding everything together in the lower front - those could be "imbus" and the wood could let a bit more space so you wont scratch your mac when you are tired and place it on top of it. Easy task, got two other screws that wont scratch anything.. The other thing: if it just would have second output like the CUE on the octa, it would blow away every other device out there when playing live.

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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,071

    one more thing.
    808 as default drum kit 😍

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    evolevol AustraliaPosts: 4

    The Grid
    Ongoing updates

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