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How do I make parameter gold knob to do negative values

funktreefunktree NYPosts: 128

When I use saw LFO i want to revert the slope. I can do it with menu knob but if I want to remap a golden knob to do negative values I don’t know how to do it

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    rohanrohan Posts: 590
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    Negative values are not possible with gold knob mapping, sorry. You'll need to use the sound editor / shortcuts to get those values negative.


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    funktreefunktree NYPosts: 128

    Negative SAW LFO on filter CUToff is great. It reverse the ramp direction ... When using the learn button and you turn the knob other direction counter-clockwise it would indicate to system to use the knob in the negative territory. Or just add RSAW to LFO types. :)

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