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How to use pitch bend on synth?


I searched the manual, because I want use a "pitch bend" on synthtracks, but I cant find it. In a kit there is the pitchbend as standard, but im not able to configure that on a synth. What do I miss? How can i define pitch bend to a gold knob?

Odo Sendaidokai from Berlin


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    SerbanSerban London, UKBeta Tester Posts: 14

    As far as I'm aware, all we can currently do is Learn the transpose parameter (trAn) of either OSC or the global transpose of the synth itself to one of the gold knobs. Unfortunately, this results in cycling through the whole pitch range (i.e. from uber low to uber high).

    I just fiddled with a workaround:

    1. go to ENV2, set ATTACK and DECAY to 0, leave SUSTAIN at 25 and Learn it to your favorite gold knob.
    2. go to the global trAnspose of the synth patch, set it at your preferred "neutral natural pitch" point (e.g. 0)
    3. while still on the trAn value, then press the select knob to assign modulation and scroll right to ENV2. A depth of 12 gives you "roughly" one full tone up and one full tone down when moving the gold knob
    4. tune to your preference

    Unfortunately this doesn't bounce back to center as a normal pitch bend control would, so you'll have to use your ears and go back to center manually. The LED indicators also help, but don't blink at center as they would for synced params like stutter. I don't know if having it bounce back is currently possible, or even desirable, seeing as you might want to keep the note bent without unexpectedly having it bounce back after x seconds.

    Another caveat is you lose ENV2 as a modulation source for anything else, unless you actually want to control other params off of that same knob at the same time as pitch shifting. Sadly can't use ENV1 for this as afaik it's hard-mapped to the patch volume.

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    SerbanSerban London, UKBeta Tester Posts: 14

    TBH I would love to see "learn depth" implemented - both for on-device params and for external midi. That way you could gauge how much a full turn of the knob would impact the particular param you're trying to control.

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