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sample mode "ONCE" and release

RaoelRaoel NetherlandsPosts: 2


I have my Deluge a couple of months now, but I still can't get my head around this.

Does anyone know how the envelope works in ONCE mode?

I can use attack / decay as I would expect, but as soon as I set release it just seems to work as a volume control: the higher the value, the lower the volume.

Reason: I'm trying to get my snares very short, but the control of delay is very coarse, and I don't just want to shorten the sample.


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    NRuckNRuck UKBeta Tester Posts: 80

    I might have had a similar issue in the past, I can't quite remember how I sorted it but you could try bringing the sustain down and then setting a shorter release time, plus short decay

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    rohanrohan Staff Posts: 587

    For samples in ONCE mode, note-off events (which would normally cause the envelope to "release") are completely ignored. So instead, setting a release-time makes that fade-out happen leading up to the end-time of the sample - beginning before it ends. You'd hear this effect most clearly if you test it out with a sample of a continuous sound, like a tone or oscillator.

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