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How to add drum kits?


Ive downloaded a few new drum kits and Im unsure how to load them onto the deluge. I have the kit.000.xml files and then the folders with the sounds... where do I put them?


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    p_watsp_wats TorontoPosts: 111
    edited January 2019

    I think the easiest way would be the following (but someone else feel free to chime in with a better workflow):

    • Move the folder containing your new samples into the "SAMPLES" folder on your SD card (organize them however you like)
    • Create a new kit ("shift" + "kit")
    • Hit the "Load" button, navigate to your folder of samples and long press the select knob and make sure to choose "all" and it will load all your samples into the new kit
    • "Save" + "Kit" to save the new kit

    This will generate the XML file for you under the number of the kit you saved it to.

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