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Additional screen via external app


Possibly a controversial request as some may say it ruins the spirit of the deluge as a standalone. But let's just ponder the benefits of having additional feedback or OS shortcuts via a phone / tablet. Properly being able to name tracks, samples and perhaps a more visual view of arranger. Could this be an interesting alternative to have an upgraded hardware/pro deluge? The OS is already brilliant, just the visual feedback is obviously very limited.


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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,078

    there is Downrush. it works fine and jamie just wrote a firmware update made it much more stable, have to try.
    i like the idea, imagine 3th party apps could develop interfaces. a Downrush without a wifi sd card.
    technically it is not an easy task. usb being to only possible port, there are portable usb monitors but they need a usb host device to control and power them. havent seen any music device with usb that can connect to a monitor.
    highly unlikely to see and while i enjoy Downrush i rarely use it because Deluge is about making music and being able to escape a computer screen for me.

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