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Post-Effects Filter Routing and other Effect Routing and Modulation Options


Sometimes when I apply distortion effects to a synth track, especially bit crush and saturation, I wish I could take some of the aggressive edge off of it with the filter. It seems to me that the ability to filter a patch post-effects would often up a lot of interesting possibilities. This could also work for the mod-effects, delay, and reverb.

I’ve also found myself wanting to apply an envelope or LFO to the sample rate reduction effect in particular. Currently you can apply motion sequencing to srr as well as bit crush but sometimes that doesn’t give the user very precise control. The ability to modulate effects with LFOs and envelopes also would open up a lot of possibilities.

Any of this would be great but if we really want to get ambitious with it I would love to be able to route effects into each other. For example, if you could run the delay through sample rate reduction you could have a cool lo-fi delay effect. Or maybe run reverb through saturation and get some interesting aggressive reverb effects. The possibilities here would be weird and wonderful.


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