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Connecting the Deluge to the outside world

chrisb78chrisb78 ViennaPosts: 2

I'm an Elektron trinity user (Octatrack, Rytm, Four). I'd love to know about your experiences in connecting the Deluge to other devices in general, and to the Elektron world specifically.
* If using a multi-device setup: What place does the Deluge have in your music creation process?

And specifically: How did you set your machines up?
* Who sends the master clock?
* Do you use the Deluge to sequence external gear - or let the Deluge be sequenced by another device?
* in general, what are the shortcomings when connecting the Deluge to external devices?

I'm aiming for technical info, but am grateful for all your experiences!


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    justindavidowjustindavidow Winnipeg, CanadaPosts: 16

    My experience thus far is pretty shallow (only had my Deluge for a week) but so far it's one of my fav sequencers for other gear.

    As a "brain" that sends MIDI/CV out to a pretty solid array of gear, it lends itself well to running the show. Being able to start / stop midi/CV tracks to the clock and using the "song" layout to sequence all sorts of gear works well for me!

    The built-in synth engine is pretty solid for a two oscillator synth (plus noise) and the incoming midi control is pretty solid. To be honest, for a "studio situation" IMHO Ableton Live's stock instruments have basically all the same functionality. (That's not to say that I dont like the synth engine in the deluge, im just slow and it requires a bit of playing around with to get exactly what I'm after, but again: I've only had the thing a week!)

    As a portable synth/seuencer/sampler, it's pretty solid. (The sampling is a bit of a pain currently, with the lack of anything beyond time/ear to trim samples / etc, you really want to have a computer handy to get the most out of sample management IMHO) the sampler has a few awesome features promised though, looking forward to 2.1! ;)
    I personally really like the sampler in the Digitakt, it's one of the best implementations for slicing / sample management I've seen yet. The Deluge sampler always feels a little clunky to get a trimmed sample that I'm looking for.

    Personally, if I'm out and putting something together on the go, the Deluge is master and a few external devices (microgranny/volcaFM on Midi, pocket operators on CV/Gate) and audio all goes back to a plain old H6.

    If sitting at home with a workstation, Live is the master and everything syncs from there. (Typically just via the midi-over-USB for clock sync) which is just the way I work.

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    chrisb78chrisb78 ViennaPosts: 2

    Thanks for your insights!

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