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Shimmer Delay / Reverb

SamuelSamuel Rotterdam, NetherlandsPosts: 35

Delay and/or Reverb options where part of the feedback is pitched one octave up to get a really nice shimmer effect for making incredible pads and atmospheres. I'm guessing this is easier to do for the delay, but for the reverb it would be most appreciated for me.


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    MyrkMyrk Bristol, UKPosts: 93

    I've upvoted not for your 1 request, but for more options in the delay, maybe a submenu to tweak these things would work well?

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    beamerbeamer Hamilton, CanadaPosts: 4

    I would rather just have more control over the reverb and delay! Feedback and mix control for the delay, rather than just "amount", and predelay, hi cut / low cut for the reverb... Just a couple ideas

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    SamuelSamuel Rotterdam, NetherlandsPosts: 35

    High and Low cuts on the Delay would be nice too, that makes creating dub samples a lot easier

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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,078

    yes, please some fx juice

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    mbangmbang Gothenburg, SwedenPosts: 61

    Yes yes yes more FX puh-leeeeze!
    Some possibility to modulate the delay further, dub / space echo style, would be super-useful.

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