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How does one delete an individual drum sound from a kit?


E.g if I put an unwanted hi tom just below the kick, and I keep hitting the hi tom when I'm expecting to hit the kick - can I just delete that sound? Or do I need to scroll it up to a different spot and forget about it.


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    funktreefunktree NYPosts: 128
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    sorry see below, I didn’t know how to put a piece of code in a post

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    funktreefunktree NYPosts: 128

    A. Take the version of the kit before you added the hi-tom. Example kit=20b if you're messed one is named 20c.
    B. if you know how to edit XML files and you don’t have previous kit in format 20b:
    1. Remove SD card from deluge and put it in your computer
    2. go to the kit folder on your sd card (via computer)
    3. copy a kit file with problem e.g. KIT020.XML to KIT020A.XML
    4. Remove the sound section from the KIT020A.XML file
    5. It would be something like this:

        <sound> (starts at line 36 approx)
         sound definition here (approx 160 lines)
    1. Put the SD card back to deluge.
    2. Now you should see the new kit named 20A with no extra drum on the bottom. (Kick should be the first on the bottom)
      C. wait to hear from guys at synthstrom
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    SamSam WellingtonModerator, Staff Posts: 160

    You can delete a row from a kit easily by holding down a pad within the row you're trying to delete and then pressing the save/delete button at the same time

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    Brilliant thanks for both options.

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    Hey there Sam,

    I've just noticed something else related to this

    This works fine within a song (e.g when I'm in song 7, my modified kit is saved and is the same when I come back to it.)

    But when I try to change a global kit - eg I want to remove a tom from 29 forever:

    I remove the tom

    I go into the sound editor> press save > press save again.

    However the kit does not save - as soon as I turn off and on, the kit is back to where it was before - the unwanted tom is back.

    Should this happen? What am I doing wrong here?

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    SamSam WellingtonModerator, Staff Posts: 160

    Hey @hernebaynoisecontrol, sorry it's taken me a bit to get back to you on this! I just tried this on my Deluge and it worked as it should. Do you mind telling me exactly what you were doing in any more detail? Just in case there's something I might have taken for granted that you're not aware of. Also, which version of the firmware are you running?

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    Hey there Sam, I fixed this by adjusting the code as suggested above - but I've just tried it again after uploading V1.1.3 and it seems to be working fine. Thanks for the help.

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