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Bi-directional sequencing

robleighton22robleighton22 MelbournePosts: 27

Would love to see some form of bidirectional sequencing in the deluge, similar to a sq1 or beatstep. Admitedlly not sure how this would be implemented, particularly in arranger. I guess if a 1 bar track is extended across the arrange then it could potentially change direction every bar.

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    dest4bdest4b Frankfurt, GermanyPosts: 98
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    Same as in spectralis ?

    1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 ?

    There is also a random mode..


    its great for tangerine dream sequences :)

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    robleighton22robleighton22 MelbournePosts: 27

    Never used the spectralis, but most hardware analogue sequencers have this functionality. Would love to see this in the deluge.

    Think there is an annoying line between sequencers that are solid at detailed arrangements (e.g. Mpc, maschine) and sequencers that have this experimental/mathnatical side like circklon, doepfer dark time. Deluge feels like it could be the first to bridge this gap. Love how even this far into its development there is still more potential.

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    VondragonnogginVondragonnoggin California, USAPosts: 199

    Spectralis is closest to Cirklon as far as Sequencers go. P-locks, separate automation tracks, conditional sequencing with probability options. Quite the deep and complex sequencing abilities.

    I love my Spectralis 2 but love the Deluge because it is much easier to create on. This probably due to my infrequent use of my Spectralis over the last two years while using my mv8800 sequencer/sampler.

    It’s a keeper though. Same with MV series production centers.

    Deluge is quick, portable, tactile feedback better on sequence creation, but definitely not as deep as my other two. Each has their place. I would definitely enjoy more features on the Deluge but I believe keeping it fast and flowing is gonna set it apart always for being the funnest sequencer on the market and better for live play and actually jamming on.

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    VondragonnogginVondragonnoggin California, USAPosts: 199

    Oh yes - definitely agree bi-directional and random options would be a great addition

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    StijeStije NetherlandsPosts: 14

    yes this would be very nice. i have a cirklon and i love the way i can do bar loops in a sequence row. Would be nice if this could be implemented on the deluge. So let's say i have a 4x16steps sequence line which can be seen as 4 parts of 1 sequence line. And then tell the deluge to loop the first 1x16steps 3 times before going further with the rest. Or more repeats if you want. Like the first 1x16 steps repeat 3 times. Go further in the sequence an then when you are at 3rd part of the total sequence repeat that 4times etc. etc.

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    VJFranzKVJFranzK Los Angeles USABeta Tester Posts: 129

    Also, I'd like to somehow move the Beginning Point of a loop as well as the ending point!
    That's kind of a rare feature, but Tenori has is.

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