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universal midi control?

keppecokeppeco Beta Tester Posts: 10

Hello fellow Delugers, this question will likely be as poorly descriptive as the title as it's not an area I have much knowledge of. If you're familiar with the Novation Circuit, it features 8 knobs which allow access to the synthesizer parameters (like reverb, delay, etc). I have this device and would like to rebind the parameters on the deluge to these knobs. Unfortunately, when I did so, I found that those controls were bound specifically to the instrument I had selected. I would instead like the midi control to work on all the instruments. Is this possible? Thanks for your time.


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    SamSam WellingtonModerator, Staff Posts: 160

    Hi @keppeco! There's no way to control the affect-entire effects through MIDI, however you can learn knobs to multiple parameters in the same way you would learn them to one parameter. E.g. you could go through each track you have and individually assign the same knob to each track's delay, using the learn button. Hope that helps :)

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