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POLY Mode or how do I create a 303 slide (glissando)

funktreefunktree NYPosts: 128

How I’d do a typical 303 slide I’ve tried this
a 303 sound POLY=OFF, PORT=10 (portamento speed)
step3 - C2 note on
step8 - C2 note off
step4 - D2 note on
step6 - D2 note off
the D2 on step4 should slide up

It does not work that way per say... throw me a bone please


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    SamSam WellingtonModerator, Staff Posts: 160

    Hi! Do you have an example of the sound you're trying to recreate? I don't know much about the 303, sorry.

    If you're looking to just slide between two notes, then you kinda have to program it monophonic-ly, as switching off POLY mode still allows you to play multiple notes - it just cuts of the decay of any note still sounding when it detects the next note. So in order to get it to slide between notes properly, I would try:

    step3 - C2 note on
    step8 - C2 note on (wrapped to step2 note off)
    step4 - D2 note on
    step6 - D2 note off

    Hope that helps! Let me know if it's not what you were going for :)

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    funktreefunktree NYPosts: 128

    I don’t have 303 either:) The slide bass is typical for an acid bass. Roland bass synths TR-3 or TB303 are typical for this. It is called as note TIE. Others might call this glissando. In the midi terminology is what I described in my first post:

    I could change the subject of this conversation to
    "how do I do a sliding bass line" track and still talk about the same issue/concept.

    I’m not asking for something NEW here. I hope somebody can chip in ... Based on your example Sam, in the step5 I do HEAR BOTH NOTES at once correct ? I did another exercise with POLY=OFF (dash below represents a step):

    G ----***-----

    Somewhere in the middle of this (step 6) I DO hear 3 notes. I’d expect to hear only ONE note. Meaning a real mono voice option. (Perhaps I overlooked you posted about DECAY not RELEASE for the POLY=OFF feature... that is why I tried it again)

    I put it simple,... in order to do an acid bass, or a sliding fretless bass we need a real MONO voice option. I’m surprised nobody noticed this up until now. So it comes down to question:

    Is this “mono feature” below the item #20 on the requested feature list or higher ? Or it is on the list at all :)

    Thanks for your answer!

    ps; isn’t cutting decay with poly=off causing clicks (specially on FM sounds? I do have some random clicks mostly with the FM presets)

    ps2: I noted a lot of presets that deluge is shipped with are GENEROUS with VOIC->UNIS greater than 2. My limited knowledge of the DSP tells me that UNIS>3 in poly mode is a strain on the DSP resources. Putting 4-5 tracks with 3-4 note chords with sounds where RELE>40 shows stealing voices oddity. If the mono option was there you could still get a rich sound but in real monophonic fashion.
    The other option is to change a few presses to go from UNIS=7 to UNIS=3 or so.

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    voyes46voyes46 QuebecPosts: 7

    Oh, I'm surprise there is not real mono option...

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    SamSam WellingtonModerator, Staff Posts: 160

    Ah, sorry, I worded my answer confusingly. By "decay" I meant any note that is not currently programmed (as in its pad is not lit up) will fade out quicker with POLY mode off. Even though the notes will have quicker releases with POLY mode off, if they're sustained underneath other notes they will still sound. So when you're after a MONO bassline, you need to program it monophonic-ly (with each note ending before the next note begins). In order to write the bassline you're referring to, you would want to enter it as something like this:

    G ----*------

    Let me know if there's anything here I'm missing :smile:

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    luke_pankauluke_pankau AustraliaPosts: 13
    edited June 2017

    +1 for slide

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    klyseklyse Posts: 1

    +2 for slide. we need more acid in the deluge

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