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Doubts with shipment and so on...

JotaJota SpainPosts: 3

Hello to everybody.
I'm new here. I am thinking about buy a deluge and i have some simple questions. I was searching but didn't find them in these forums.

1.- I see that deluge works with batteries. Am i right? and you can use it connecting it with usb charge font. Yes? what amperage and power must have this charger?
2.- About shipment. I read in some places that the arrival to home is about 3-4 working days. Is like this? more or less...
3.- I read too that in Europe you must pay taxes. But i don't know how works this, because i always bought in Europe. I suppose that DHL contact with you for you pay this damned taxes? Or how is this?

Sorry if not is the correct forum for these questions. And thanks.


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    p_watsp_wats TorontoPosts: 111
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    I don't have mine yet, but it's on the way so I can speak to some of the shipping questions:

    1. It runs off a rechargeable battery, but I don't know more about that at the moment.
    2. My tracking estimate says 4 days to get to Canada, but I'm told it can be even faster than that.
    3. DHL has a link where you can put in your waybill # to find out additional costs and pay any duties/taxes, etc. in advance. They will also send you en email/text to notify of this depending on what you prefer (you can set this up on their site when they send you the initial tracking email).
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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,078
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    1. there is a separate ac but no power cable included. did not miss it at all, i can charge with any of my usb ac cables.
    2. dont worry about the shipping. its excellent, i could not believe how fast it was. yeah had to pay some taxes too, around 70€.
      guess it is a good deal with DHL and synthstrom really takes care of orders quick.
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    JotaJota SpainPosts: 3

    Thank you very much to both. Now is a bit more clear.

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