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question: cloned track = alternate muting off ?

FaschingsPrinzFaschingsPrinz ViennaPosts: 21

When I clone a track, the new track is automatically muted in alternation to its source.
Unmuting the destionation-track does automaticlly mute the source track - and vice versa.
Please let me know how to change this toggeling after having cloed a track?


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    dest4bdest4b Frankfurt, GermanyPosts: 96

    switch it to midi.. and back to synth will do it.

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    FaschingsPrinzFaschingsPrinz ViennaPosts: 21

    I found the solution.
    If you clone a track they afterwards shares the same voice of the synth-engine.
    To show this the preset-number of the cloned track gets an extension "A".
    When you change the preset-voice-number of the cloned track back to the original number of the source (without "A") then each track gets its own voice and they stop toggling their mute-status.

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