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Can you load song-length (3-8 minutes) samples and time stretch them to sequence along with them?

GrillwreckaGrillwrecka los angelesPosts: 2

My ideal set up is a hybrid of DAW and hardware for recording. As you would expect, I'd like to play live without a computer, which brings me to my question. For these songs that have been created in the box with VSTs and automation, etc., can I bounce audio stems, and play them back on a track on the Deluge while sequencing other gear/internal sounds along with it? It seems possible given that it streams right off the card, and as long as there is no limit to the note length for that "sample", it may work. I could be completely misunderstanding some things of course. I have searched around here, Reddit, Youtube, the manual, with no clear (to me) answer just yet, so I appreciate any insight. Thanks!

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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usaPosts: 296
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    yep, the card is 32gb limit. the cpu can hit a threshold tho, and it will start dropping out parts, but its a pretty dang high roof as is. also, rumor has it, the new firmware will be increasing the performance --30 FOLD-- but if you mainly just use samples without a lot of internal effects like reverb, delay, ect you should good to go.


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    GrillwreckaGrillwrecka los angelesPosts: 2

    Thank you so much! This answers my question, and I suspect I won't be hitting that CPU limit any time soon (until I spend more time with it's internal instruments/effects).

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    n00bn00b SpacePosts: 28
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    @alien_brain said:
    it would yield the best fidelity if you were to play renderings at their original tempo.


    I wanted to use a sample with original bpm of 128 in a song with 144 bpm and experienced some quality loss in the sample.
    I found out for it to work/sound good, it's best you dail down the bpm of the song to the samples original bpm, insert the sample in 'time stretch'-mode and dail up the tempo back to 144.

    Works like a charm!

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