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First song


I'm creating electronic music since the 1996. Started with MOD, then fasttracker and several other trackers, had a MC505 (which sucked), then several analog synths (the volca series, a MiniBrute SE, a T-Resonator, ...) and some experimental stuff.
What I was always missing was a good sequencer, because I really really dislike making music on the pc, as I sit in front of it the whole day during work.
Seems like I've found it. Here's the first song after ~8h of work with the deluge. Have fun.



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    tapiustapius Posts: 7

    Do you mind posting your song xml? Are you using the stock sounds (no new samples) It sounds great! I'd like to remix it.

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    n00bn00b SpacePosts: 28

    I love the melancholic sound in this track!

    I was searching the web for a good sequencer and had my eye on the cirklon.
    It was this video where I saw the Deluge for the first time and it immediately caught my interest.

    Thnk you for this track, because I baught one in the end and I love working with it! <3

    'Bad sound kills good music!'

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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usaPosts: 296

    solid @wam thanks for sharing that.

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