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WiFi Passthrough


Hi Jamie,
Is it possible to setup your FlashAir networking so that you can still connect your computer to your WiFi whilst also being connected to the Deluge? It seems to be implied that you can but I can't figure out the right settings (or I may have missed your explanation and I apologise in advance if so).


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    EddyEddy Cologne, GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 275

    Which card do you have? A Toshiba W-04?
    Then you can work it out with the "Toshiba Air Tool"

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    jamiefayejamiefaye Chicago, ILBeta Tester Posts: 86

    It is pretty easy to set up if you know how to use a text editor program and can figure out how to "unhide" the SD_WLAN directory. You add several additional lines to the CONFIG file. The tricky part is figuring out which IP address the card comes up on. The important lines in CONFIG are:

    (The APPNETWORKKEY will turn into asterisks the next time you boot the card).

    Also make sure that these lines are there too:


    The FlashAir has a very short range, 2 meters or so.

    As for discovering the card's IP number, usually the WiFi base has an administration web page that has an option to list all the active stations. You can try going to http://flashair/ and that might work. (My Mac and ASUS router don't, but you may have better luck).

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