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Saving New Kits

dylanmartorelldylanmartorell melbourne Posts: 2

Hi Ive filled a new kit with my own samples but i cant work out how to save those kits.
Anyone worked this out.?


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    funktreefunktree NYPosts: 128

    I assume your current kit is one you want to save
    1. click the control knob (next to display)
    2. display will show OSC1
    3. Hit the save button
    4. A location will be shown on display 10B
    5. choose location for the kit by turning the control knob
    6. hit save again

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    JimboJimbo Portland, ORPosts: 10
    Hi, funktree, this didn't work for me. maybe I'm missing some step?
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    JimboJimbo Portland, ORPosts: 10
    user error! i added a third sample to my kit, and then i could do it. thx.
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