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SD card problem

MedenineMedenine United StatesPosts: 2

Hi all, new user here. I just received a used deluge and when trying to load a synth preset I'm getting an error message "use fat-32 formatted sd card". I checked and the SD card is FAT-32, 128 gb. The seller told me they just added the new card. I tried reformatting the card on a mac but I'm getting the same error. Any advice, please?



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    rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 627
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    that error can display if you've accidentally locked the sd card, take it out and make sure the lock switch is set to unlock.

    otherwise it might be a formatting issue, windows needs to use a 3rd party app for larger cards like that, but mac disk utility should be fine. reference this post and comments:

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