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normalize Line in

janbertjanbert VancouverPosts: 35
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I believe there was already such a topic. But its been a long time ago, so I thought I bring it up again.

I would like to use the Deluge as a live Looper and when recording with a microphone via line in, it appears pretty quiet unfortunatly.
Which is probably also part of the issue of my microphone.
But is there a way to normalise or raise the volume of recorded audio somehow? I read about normalize during recording, but thats actually not what I am looking for. Its basically to normalize an audio clip after recording. Is that somehow possible?

Maybe I could ask at same time what would be a good microphone for the deluge line in?

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    EvilpilliEvilpilli NorwayPosts: 14

    When you create an audio track you can adjust the level at the volume parameter (the button up by the golden knobs)
    For live looping I like to have an audio track for monitoring that I've turned up a bit, so it's easy to hear what I play compared to what is played from the Deluge.
    If you want a direct line in microphone you need a dynamic one. You can't got wrong with a shure sm58 or 57 depending on if it's for instruments or vocals.

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