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Alternative Delay Params for Gold Knobs

rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 618

Merged with Community Firmware!

This feature's implementation started with @Monitus
GitHub Documentation

Alternative Delay Params for Gold Knobs

Instead of changing PingPong On/Off and Type Analog/Digital, they will change SyncType and SyncLevel.

Toggleable option that swaps what happens when you click the Delay-Assigned Gold Knobs. This swaps PingPong Delay On/Off and Delay Type (Digital/Analog) with Sync Type (Even, Triplets, Even) and SyncLevel (Off, Whole, 2nd, 4th...) respectively.

This compressor function can be turned on/off in the runtime feature setting.

Discuss this feature, provide video/audio examples, etc.


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    Bay_MudBay_Mud OntarioBeta Tester Posts: 129

    This is excellent! Missed it in all the fanfare over some of the other features

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