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State-Variable Filter

rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 522
edited August 12 in Open Source

Merged with Community Firmware!

This feature's implementation started with @m-m-adams
GitHub Documentation & GitHub Documentation 2

Added a Lowpass State-Variable Filter (SVF):

This filter has significantly less distortion than the ladder filters and can be accessed by pressing the Gold Encoder when Frequency is selected. Cutoff and resonance ranges are subject to change with further testing.

!! August update !!
Adds a SVF (State Variable Filter) option to the High Pass Filter slot, a ‘Morph’ filter type that morphs through Lowpass - Bandpass - Highpass, a ‘Notch’ filter type that goes through Lowpass - Notch - Highpass, and a menu setting ‘Route’ that switches the filter order or runs them in parallel.

Discuss this feature, provide video/audio examples, etc.

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    manysoundsmanysounds The GunksBeta Tester Posts: 43

    There is some work to do regarding volume levels, for sure.
    When the frequency is at max, essentially bypass, the output volume is higher than all other modes.

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