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How to "package" a song for another Deluge user?

SynthStudioSynthStudio Fort Collins, ColoradoPosts: 31

Is there a way to 'gather' or 'copy' all of a song's related synths and samples into a folder on the SD card to share with another Deluge user?

(For the record—this is just the best way I could think to describe what I'm after. The actual scenario is this: I've completely rearranged & organized my sample folder on my computer, and I want to replace my sample for on my Deluge with it, but I don't want to 'unlink' existing Songs from their samples/synths.)


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    chrisrolandchrisroland United StatesPosts: 42


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    SynthStudioSynthStudio Fort Collins, ColoradoPosts: 31

    @chrisroland said:

    OMG yes. Thank you! Now that I knew what term to use, I was able to find it in the manual.

    For anyone who comes here, here's a screenshot from the OLED manual pg 151 v4.1.0

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    duncandisorderlyduncandisorderly london/madridPosts: 19

    be aware that if you are sharing OLED-machine xml files with a non-OLED user, you will (at the time of writing) have to edit the xml to reflect the firmware version change.
    so as well as collecting media during the save op, you'll probably need to do this:

    cross-posting this here- I found I couldn't load anything I made on the OLED machine onto my newly acquired 2nd machine, which I want to use while it's in the queue for a new display.

    SOLVED- but needs confirming as a workable solution by the devs..

    thinking for a while that I might have to re-save all my songs on the OLED machine with the 'gather samples' box ticked, I remembered that some of the synths wouldn't load either- the ones with multisamples. no way to set up the same save-with mechanism for these.
    in any case, this didn't work.

    so I opened the xml in a text editor from one of the OLED songs, & compared it with one saved on the LED machine.
    the first two lines you see in any of the song or synth (& presumably kit too) xml files are:


    for the OLED machine, &


    in the LED machine.

    I replaced the former with the latter in the xml files I wanted to load in the LED machine & it worked.
    now my OLED songs & multisample synths load on the LED machine & play fine.
    it's going to be laborious to change loads of them- maybe someone will write a script to automate it!

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