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Sample per step


I think it would be a cool feature for the Deluge if a talented open source programmer could implement the sample locking per step feature like on the Digitakt, Novation Circuit, where you can have a different sample or sound per step on the grid from a pool of samples/sounds, I loved using the Digitakt for this, you can create some really interesting textures and patterns with this feature.



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    djAziddjAzid AmsterdamPosts: 199

    Can't you do this already ?! Just import a bunch of samples as kit and play them per step.
    Or didn't you meant this ?

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    troxxtroxx ukPosts: 7

    Unless i've missed something? someone tell me differently as i'm still learning my way round the Deluge, you can't actually play a different sample per step on the deluge, regardless of how many samples you have in a kit, each single track in a kit corresponds to a single sample?
    On the Digitakt or Polyend Play for example, you can hold down a single or multiple steps on a track and assign a completely different sample on that step of the track, for example on say a track I use for the Kick Drum, I could add a hihat, fx, synth, any sample whatsoever on that single step, then assign some parameter locks, you can create great glitchy, textured patterns this way.

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    poldensteinpoldenstein italyBeta Tester Posts: 43

    Yes but on elektrons you only have one row per voice..
    What would be the point of loading different samples on a single row when they can be already displayed on adjacent ones?

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    troxxtroxx ukPosts: 7

    True, but there is something about selecting a step/s in a single track and flipping samples compared to the traditional programming of a drum per track, you can achieve interesting textures with samples you would not necessarily program in a traditional drumkit if you were able to select from a sample pool of mixed samples.

    This also works in tandem with the randomisation algorithm feature request I posted, imagine some of the crazy textured patterns you could create when using sample randomisation on selected steps of a track, this wouldn't work as it currently stands as each sample of a kit track would be randomised rather than just the sample of a single step of track.

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