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Pairing Deluge with my first hardware synth


Hello, I wanted to seek some advice on pairing the synthstrom deluge with my first hardware synth. I'm very new to music and the deluge was my first foray into music making, I brought the new OLED deluge last year so I'm still a novice.
I'm basically looking to expand my sound palate with a hardware synth. If anyone can chip in with some recommendations that they have enjoyed using with the deluge and one that easily plays together with the deluge I would be very grateful as I'm still a bit clueless hence the question.

Budget upto £2000 GBP , I have a mixer, turntable and speakers, but no keyboard synth or desktop synth

I'm aware the deluge is a synth but I guess I'm trying to ask people that have used a deluge a lot longer than me , with your knowledge and experience what you pair up your deluge if you were a new novice to the world of music
Not sure if relevant but I was born in 1960s so my music tastes vary from 70s space rock , hawkwind gong, steve hillage etc to 70s german electronic cluster harmonia etc to 80s house trance etc

Thank you for your time and any advice good or bad would be very gratefully appreciated


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    chrisrolandchrisroland United StatesPosts: 39
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    Deepmind 12

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    djAziddjAzid AmsterdamPosts: 199
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    Maybe an access virus ?
    The bad gear is here: B) B) B)

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    0xF00xF0 Earth, Solar SystemPosts: 15
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    • Any Nord Lead / Rack can do every style you list and the 4x multitimbral will give you more parts to play with.
    • Dave Smith Rev2 would also be a superb first start (bitimbral), or a Mopho x4, Take5, Pro2/3 for a quirkier and fun take on the idea.

    I think any of those will fit in your budget - if you find a good deal on something used you might even be able to get 2 different ones for the budget.

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    DucktailDucktail Posts: 6
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    I'd go with a hydrasynth, it's super versatile so you can use it for whichever part of your song you think needs more complexity than what's in the deluge synth. Dialing in nice warm VA sounds is pretty simple with the new per voice mod and the digital sounds have always been incredible. Otherwise I'd second the recommendation for the Pro3. I've been pairing down synths since getting the deluge so I'll give you where I'm at:

    Hydrasynth x2 (Desktop and explorer) - Wild sound design capabilities
    Digitone - The deluge FM sounds fine but doesn't have enough envelopes

    MicroMonsta 2

    I've also got a medium sized modular setup but I really just use it for fun and making random blips and boops generative music during my work day

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