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Two Deluges?



I have seen someone mention owning two Deluges, I guess it may have been an OLED and an LED Deluge. Those of you who have two, if any of you do, how do you make use of them together?


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    Rian78Rian78 USAPosts: 22

    I jam regularly with two other musicians with deluges,
    we all sync to a master clock and its amazing.
    I don't know how two separate deluges would benefit one person however.
    I am sure someone out there has a workflow based on this and they utilize it fully.

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    HeptagenHeptagen Posts: 277

    I don't have two deluges but when I try to build a set of tracks intended for seamless live performance it would be awesome to have two deluges with a mixer in between to use them like a DJ setup. Cue the synths of the next track on deluge 2 while only the drums of the previous track play on deluge 1 until they fade away and such.

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    synthriksynthrik Sweden Posts: 22

    Thanks for the ideas. I also do not have two dellies. If I did I might have used the second one to prepare for mastering. E.g. record separate tracks from D1 into D2, possibly through external effects. Other MIDI controlled synths would be recorded the same way. It is of course possible to do this with just one deluge and a mixer, or even without a mixer if you're okay with not being able to monitor what's being recorded, or just use a DAW, but avoiding DAWs is part of the fun as far as I'm concerned. :)

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    Mriley333Mriley333 United StatesPosts: 5

    Waverunnr makes excellent use of 2Deluges live.

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