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Managing song structure on the Deluge


Hi y'all, I was wondering if anyone has any tips for how to handle conventional song structures (chorus, verse, bridge, etc.) on the Deluge?

It seems like I'm limited to using a different synth for each and pasting them into the arranger, or if I want to use the same synth I need to make one massively long track in song mode, which is really hard to keep track of and I get lost going from page to page.

Both options are pretty bad because the song loses any sense of coherence if I'm always changing synths, but it takes me forever to manage one massive track because I keep having to fix my mistakes in copying and pasting sections (I have ADHD so bad working memory).

Any help would be appreciated!


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    Bay_MudBay_Mud OntarioBeta Tester Posts: 117

    Hmm. Why do you feel if you use the same synth it has to be one long track? If you use multiple instances of the same synth, but in different coloured sections, you can switch between them as needed. I've done verse/chorus/verse, etc. on the Deluge using the same synth this way before and didn't have any issues. I just use the coloured sections to represent different parts of a song, for example:

    Lead - Synth 177 - Blue
    Bass - Synth 330 - Blue
    Drums - Kit 55 - Blue

    Lead - Synth 177 - Purple
    Bass - Synth 330 - Purple
    Drums - Kit 55 - Purple

    Lead - Synth 177 - Orange
    Bass - Synth 330 - Orange
    Drums - Kit 55 - Orange

    Then lay all these out in arranger mode like this (or whatever structure the song needs):

    Lead - Blue Blue Purple Blue Purple Orange Purple
    Bass - Blue Blue Purple Blue Purple Orange Purple
    Drums - Blue Blue Purple Blue Purple Orange Purple

    And maybe throw in some white instances if I want an intro/outro or one-off section somewhere.

    Does that make sense (or maybe I'm misunderstanding your question)?

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    WiegrafWiegraf Beta Tester Posts: 9

    Oh I had no idea you could do this! I'll definitely give it a shot!

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