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Thank you SynthStrom!

funktreefunktree NYPosts: 128

I put some 120 hours to this box. The box is miles deep but very short distance to achieve or tweak great organic musical results.

The more I use it the more I like it. Almost every aspect of DELUGE is very well though out. I’m lefty and the UX is great for me. Some annoyances became gotcha moments when I realized WHY it was done that way.

Rohan is genius.

He, as a creator has to watch and observe all the recent groove boxes to make a device like this. Or “they” the SynthStrom have a great artists to decide on designs and workflows. I know he is not along and is surrounded by great bunch so credits to them too.

I really wish for long long road for this product. I hold my finger crossed for great management team behind the scenes to be able to crank hundreds of these puppies . To crank them fast to show the big corny guys in EU and Japan how good DSP and UX can work together. So we users don’t need to wait for Circuit Pro, shell out $$ for 2+ electron machines, do petitions for Electribe or hopelessly live with half baked visions of some roland products.

The other companies that make lovely, creative products are Teenage Engineering, MakeNoise and Bastl.

The same way as you (Synthstrom) were able to revolutionize single music making box you could revolutionize the firmware updates process.
What I mean is that I would PAY for a firmware that implements xy features I or other users requested. This way you can add more developer resources to keep growing up. You can have a default firmware that ships with deluge and then you have 2-3 firmware plus packages for people who are coming with great suggestions and are willing to pay for it.

Thanks again!



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    FASTFAST CaliforniaPosts: 45

    I think that is a great business model, FunkTree. Probably everybody will buy everything that comes out for it so Synthstrom could easily generate $10k-$20k on a few "apps". Fugue Machine comes to mind.

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    HorstmaistaHorstmaista Los AngelesBeta Tester Posts: 56

    I think that's a great idea - at least for older generation hardware.
    I do appreciate how Novation keeps adding features to the Circuit, which is already a great product considering it's price. But I've had exactly that thought on for example the Octatrack which has been on the market for years and could definitely benefit from some of Elektron's newer products features (talking UI and sequencer). Its understandable that companies can't invest into developing new features for products which come to the end of their life cycle. I bet that customers would be very interested in investing money into some additional features (=paid firmware update) and supporting the companies development costs by doing so.
    Roland has offered Firmware patches to add additional features for example the TR8 for $110. Which I thought was a great idea.
    When it comes to the Deluge I'm a bit torn. I think it could need a few rounds of optimization love but then there could be something like the 'Sample Slice'-Upgrade which I would totally be happy to invest some more money in.
    (and yes: This box is already amazing and same as you, I'm putting things onto my 'how is that not working'-list, just to remove them a day later after finding out some new great thing about it!)

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    MatthewGeorgeMatthewGeorge Cologne, GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 243

    I'm fully happy to invest more in this company for firmware updates.
    There have been some awesome ideas that look like they could be achievable as the hardware should be able to support it but I assuming the coding would be fucking hardcore!
    I'm thinking about the MLR mode, wow never came across that before.

    In regards to the TR-8, Roland can get fucked. They made a great unit but don't allow you to put your own samples in there and then the charge WAY too much for new packs. I understand companies wanna make money but they could by properly reissuing more of their legacy products that sell for crazy money on the used market.

    I have a lot of faith in Synthstrom and I'm really looking forward to seeing how they and this community grow.

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    IcoustikIcoustik NorwayModerator, Beta Tester, Mentor Posts: 952

    Totally agree!

    ~ Distinguished Delugate ᕕ( ◎_◎)ᕗ

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    funktreefunktree NYPosts: 128

    Hey one of the first delugers here :) I just put beta 1.3b8 on my deluge to find the progress of the whole project. And here are some notes:

    The beta is very stable. But I don’t connect Deluge IMIDI) to any other gear. This new release is much better then my experience with 1.0 firmware. There are a lot less random clicks, bit crusher sound more organic (oxymoron). A lot of improvements to sample engine and overall UX.

    This box keeps AMAZING me EVERY DAY with crazy matrix mod scheme and two distinct LFOs that could be used totally different way for EACH drum sound. Many, Many things make a lot of sense and many requests I, and others suggested don’t need further discussion. The more you play with the unit the more you find it DOES make sense.

    Two things I’m not happy about are
    1. Lack of additions/tweaks/improvements to the sound engine
    better reverb, feedback/high dump parameter on delay, stereo unison or pan for each oscillator.
    2. Break the barrier of linear sequencing with some conditional trigs (electron) and other improvements to randomize/humanize sequencing more in a separate thread on on Facebook deluge UG :)

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    While I would also pay for bigger updates, I don't like the idea that the updates would become some kind of "DLC". I suggest a more open model like "pay what you want crowd funding". Communicate open about realistic goals, issues and resources and set a goal like "2k$ for features X and Y". This way would give very accurate feedback about what the community is willing to pay.

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    22tape22tape Posts: 43

    @alien_brain said:
    always happy to support the independent guy, being a small company owner myself. ingenuity like this deserves a platform and support from the public especially in light of how damn cool the product is turning out to be!

    big up yourself, synthstrom!


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