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Synchronising a Roland TB-303?



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    djAziddjAzid AmsterdamPosts: 199

    I think you bought the wrong item. What you want is something like this:

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    LetrasetLetraset UKPosts: 15

    The manual suggests that it’s capable of sending or receiving din sync via the gate outputs, but then it doesn’t provide any details as to how, at least as far as I can see.

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    Too_MereToo_Mere Chicago, IL, USABeta Tester, Mentor Posts: 993
    edited November 2022

    Gate 4 sends clock. You need to go into settings > GATE > out 4, and set it to clock.

    Deluge clock in has a separate input.

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    AbortRetryFailAbortRetryFail FloridaBeta Tester Posts: 61

    I think you need wire up both Gate 3 for "run" and Gate 4 for "clock". A few years ago I did this with a 303 a friend lent me. Unfortunately I don't have the cables handy to test.

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    LetrasetLetraset UKPosts: 15

    Thank you! It works perfectly with the Busy Circuits cable

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