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Project Proposal: Import and Export Elektron Octatrack data from and to Deluge Sets.

OszilloOszillo -Posts: 26

just throwing that in here..
While being a little bored in lockdown in January I deciphered the Octatrack data format bit by bit.
So since a couple of Months being able to read and write Octatrack sets.
Made an App out of it for Mac to export and import Midi or write complete Ableton v10, v11 Sets from the Octatracks patterns and parameters and project settings.
Meaning i also developed an Ableton Export environment that could be used to do the same with Deluge Data, that way you would be able to create Ableton Songs with your Deluge songs. And in case it runs smooth it would not be limited to just 8 Octa-Tracks.

So already in Alpha phase forcing to go Beta the next weeks.
It has a full Midi implementation and can act as Audio App in the middle between machine and any DAW or running standalone.
Playing, Recording and checking Samples in a AIFF, WAV, m4a, aac and working on flac, caf and maybe rex/rx2 support also.

So why i am posting this here?
After reading some comments in here that i am not the only one being Deluge'ist and Octatrack'ist thinking to do similar export or import options for Deluge Format. Because now it would be possible to transform 8 tracks Audio and 8 tracks Midi into Deluge XML format or the other way around.

Well this is a lot of work even tho it is not that much of a problem like the decoding of the OT was..
To organise further work schedule and having a proper coding plan for the next weeks I would like to know how much interest is in the Deluge Community to have such export/import options..

And knowing the limitations and possibilities of both machines and how they actually accompany each other I am still keen to know more of other Deluge owners having also an OT in their environment and the struggles they have to catch the most out of both..

PS: here a screenshot of the app state the moment.

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    daphoenix303daphoenix303 GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 10

    Hello Oszillo,

    sounds very interesting hat you already did and archived! I'm using Octatrack and deluge (currently octatrack is going for repair). Usually I used Octatrack as Sampler and routed my Busses ( Drums / Melodic Stuff) with it. I'm also thinking about writing kind of sample manager which alows to manage samples from various sources and which will track and convert all the library for all devices. So a sample would be imported and the manager tracks on which devices it's exported and also ftakes care to convert to the native device format.
    I'm not using DAW everyday but would be very nice to have the possibility to export import from deluge.. or better edit deluge songs on a DAW

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    funkylskfunkylsk FranceBeta Tester Posts: 5

    Wow ! Well done ! I have both, so i could be cool to export my octatrack tracks to mobile music with the Deluge :)

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    kleinstarkleinstar germanyBeta Tester Posts: 51

    Wowwowow! You`re really crazy!!
    I also have both and cracking the binary files is really mad I think. Respect!
    Also nice gui!

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    OszilloOszillo -Posts: 26
    edited January 2022

    Currently involved in porting research. Maybe i can make it work in windows and/or Linux as well (no promises yet).
    But i can list some features and frameworks i developed and are included already which need to be ported as well.

    • midi interface with clock (any but logic) and mtc (logic pro) and nrpn (dave smith/mackie)
    • virtual midi port to send to other apps and receive from them
    • 64 step sequencer including visual feedback
    • ableton link with specialised framework
    • ableton export including automation (i think i am the only one who dev a whole extra framework for just that)
    • open sound control (fast udp OSC) interface for multiple congruent senders and receivers including value visualiser. (almost like Osculator)
    • midi mapping per device with autoload when connected again.
    • osc mapping per port/ip and generalised if needed just same as the midi mapper.
    • audio recorder, waveview and reader and writer for mp4, wav, aiff, aac, (no mp3)
    • the display, yes actually the fastes possible UI element based on trasilions of font particles.
    • extra ableton push1 & push2 framework which allows to display screen separated
    • sample manager + drag and drop
    • sample preview and exchange model
    • note trigger exchanger (because on OT sample slots are not dynamic, so resorting is a heavy action)
    • project settings editor
    • tempo editor
    • midi export
    • preset manager
    • saving

    changes in mind..
    VST3, AUv3 - hosting
    multi document editing

    and as you see in the screenshot above the drop down menu in the window header, it could switch to other machines as well that way converting from one to another. Which first hand is at least some interface that would allow to control conversions despite it needs to be coded of course and UI elements need to look accordingly to make it as easy as f**k..

    Well, at least thankful some did discover my beep.
    So thanks for the feedback so far..


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    MagicmixMagicmix United KingdomPosts: 17

    Pretty amazing. I have them both but not tried to use them together yet. They would work well together though, so it sounds like a good plan, particularly with the time stretch thing in OT being so sophisticated.

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    daphoenix303daphoenix303 GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 10

    any update? can i become involved? @Oszillo

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    xapxap USBeta Tester Posts: 17

    Just dropping a note to say I have both devices and use them together regularly. Mostly I use OT to compensate for the lack of a headphone out on the Deluge (I sample loops into the OT from the Deluge after demoing them in headphones through the OT's cue channel)
    Anyway, very interested to see how this import/export software develops, I suspect it could expand the way I use the two together!

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    OszilloOszillo -Posts: 26

    Well the aim is to open up possibilities to use machine data from MD card/ SD card back and forth on a mac plus midi sequencing, Midi Clock/Ableton Link etc etc kinda like a DAW. The moment developing a unique ultra fast sound engine i want to integrate opening the box of pandora . Which comes with countless ways to do crazy stuff with data or audio or even jam in tandem with machines including Deluge and OT. As i already implemented Ableton Export / Midi file export the same could be done for the Deluge XML format and my UI already allows to switch to a different level which could focus the Deluge.

    Well things are time consuming and i got a little overwhelmed by the countless Beta test requests, so i choose to stay bit below radar doing the actual work.

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    daphoenix303daphoenix303 GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 10

    as mentioned i would be ready to particiapte - not only as testeer. Which language do you use? i'm familar with C,C++,Java,python,perl. I' experienced senior developer currently working as SW architect. But I only work on Linux / Windows. I've no access to apple universe

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