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External midi instrument definitions


Are there plans match the Hapax feature of external instrument definitions? The community over there has been building lots of great instrument files to support the recall of mapped midi parameters quickly and by name. It would be amazing if Synthstrom might respond with a likewise feature and even reference chunks of their text format. Such a great time saving feature and would look great on the new OLED.


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    CADCAD Auckland, NZPosts: 15

    They'd have to implement MIDI templates first before that can really be hashed out. I mentioned something similar on the discord, I think that's been a feature request for awhile so will be interesting to see. That would be amazing if they did though!

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    syncrsyncr Posts: 13

    Yeah, imagine their hands are full at the moment. I haven't been in the forums for a bit (and joined Discord at the prompt -- thanks for that). Have improvements to external midi functionality been something they have been working much on in the post MPE days? Would be nice to know they are regularly iterating on the Deluge's external abilities cause it seems to me the external instrument functionality has been a long standing wish from the community. 100% can't fault them on picking big things like wavetable, MPE, and OLED upgrades though.

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