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Delugeator 1.5 with FW 4.0 support

BolganiBolgani SuomiPosts: 61


Just (and finally) released a NEW VERSION of the Delugeator, sorry about the delay, there's been a lot of stuff and projects happening in my life. But anyway. This is kind of a midway version, main reason for release is to finally support the 4.0 firmware but there are some other stuff also. Still have plans to do a whole lotta more now that this is out of the way.

And as said before, Delugeator is a WIN 10/11 drum kit editor for Deluge.

Download installer:
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    BolganiBolgani SuomiPosts: 61

    Release notes (can't edit previous post?)

    1.5 (24.10.2022)

    • Support for Deluge Firmware v 4.0. Mainly in that it can load and save new kits made with 4.0 and all kits are saved as 4.0. No additional parameters added.
    • UI slightly changed to show sound settings in two different tabs and oscillators are shown side by side
    • Sound preview can now combine the sound from both oscillators and also preview both individually
    • Sample folder loading now erases similar sample name beginnings AND endings

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