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Freezing OLED screen issues

AvelmoorAvelmoor FrancePosts: 2
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I have just received the new Deluge with OLED screen. it uses firmware
I have a problem with the screen when selecting the different synths.
First of all, it is difficult to scroll from synth 170 to 000, (it goes smooth from 000 to 170, but if I go on and keep scrolling to reach 000 it’s like hiting an invisible wall. Scrolling very fast « break » this wall, but not in a smooth way.

Bigger issue: when a clip is created with synth 000, the screen freezes when browsing for another synth for a new clip. I can still ear the different synth sounds with audition pads, but the screen remain frozen. The only way to fix that is to switch off the deluge and loose all the curent project.

I hope this issue is easely fixable.

Sorry for my poor english, my french is way better ;)

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