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Load button causes audio to stop / lag (Oled version only)

beachbentobeachbento San FranciscoPosts: 6
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Hi fellow deluge people. I absolutely love this device so much that I went out and purchased the new one with the screen.

However after loading my past songs onto the new Deluge, I realized transitioning from one song to another with seamless audio no longer seems to function like the old one. I typically use the deluge to record a lot of audio loops, from external instruments, and use samples for kits.

With the older deluge I can play a song, hit load, scroll to look for a new song, and then press play, all while the previous song plays, and then seamlessly starts the next. However now when I press load, there is a noticeable pause, or some tracks / loops just stop playing. It appear only the kits will continue. Is this a new feature with the update? And can I revert it to the old way, but keep using this incredible new screen?


Actually I’m noticing that a lot of the functions seem to be slowing the processing speed. Is this a memory card issue or is the screen creating a lot of hiccups. Even combing through new synths and drums cause the tempo to slow down, or clicks to occur.

I realize this could also be on account of the jump from firmware, I previously was on 3.15, and am beginning to read that others have had issues with the jump to 4.0. Curious if this is an issue, and if it’s possible to downgrade the firmware for the OLED version to pre 4.0

EDIT 2: Okay so i screwed the whole thing up. I thought maybe I should try to roll back the firmware to see if the firmware was the issue with slow load times etc. and it turns out it was! The problem is now the screen doesn't display anything, but the synthstrom logo, which of course I think is great, but not very helpful. I've tried to go online to search for the proper update that allows me to see content on the screen again, and it appears there might be a micro update that has yet to be released online that allows us to see the screen. Really hoping this can get figured out because outside of the lag and clicks, the new screen and it's contents seem like something I will quickly be unable to live without.

Thank you if you were able to read this far. Cheers

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    jensgjensg Berlin, GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 297

    There seems to be something wrong with FW 4.0 and speed / hiccups and so on. Please send some of the songs that are reproducibly slower then on 3.15 to Rohan and Ian via mail.

    Only this way bugs get ironed out.

    This would be very helpful.

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    todbottodbot Pasadena,CA,USPosts: 1

    The firmware for the OLED Deluge is 4.1.0, I believe.

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    rohanrohan Staff Posts: 577

    Hey @beachbento, yes there is a specific bug in the firmware supplied with with the OLED Deluge (V4.1.0) which causes lag every time a folder's contents gets read. The bug is fixed, and a new firmware version will be distributed in the next couple of days. Unsure how that will be numbered just yet.

    From now on, there will be separate firmware builds for OLED vs 7-segment Deluges, so you'll need to get the right one, even when they have the same version number. They are built from the same codebase.

    Currently OLED is on V4.1.0, while 7-segment is still on V4.0.1.
    But, 7-segment will eventually get onto being the same version number as for the OLED.

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    beachbentobeachbento San FranciscoPosts: 6

    Thank you Rohan! Received the email and everything is working great! Thank you tons

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