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MIDI sequencing

cabletierscabletiers Eugene, ORPosts: 2
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Hello all, I'm a new Deluge user and am absolutely in love with this thing. One problem I am having is with sequencing multiple external MIDI devices (6 now, with more planned to be added). It seems like the Deluge is dropping notes which I understand to most often be a processor bandwidth issue, but I'm surprised that a project only being used to sequence external hardware would be that taxing on the processor. Is sending MIDI actually that processor intensive, or am I missing something?

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    Hi ! I sequence 4 devices with deluge and never noticed loss of notes. I actually use 14 channels (one device is multi channel). The problem maybe resides in your configuration... Are you using midi thru box ? Or chaining devices ? Usb hub ? Midi processor as bome box or midi hub ?

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    cabletierscabletiers Eugene, ORPosts: 2

    I use a midi through splitter box and some downstream chains after that since a few of my external synths only have midi inputs & no outs. What’s your config like?

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    djAziddjAzid AmsterdamPosts: 199

    I use a midi thrubox (erica synths) without any problems.

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    lowandslowlowandslow United StatesPosts: 29

    I use a Kenton midi through splitter. It never drops notes and I run sequencing for 15 midi channels through it. Avoid midi through chains if possible. Kenton midi through is pricy but worth it.

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    nebtugnebtug DeutschlandPosts: 29

    The 'downstream chains' might be a problem. I use the deluge with a Kenton midi thru box and don't have any issues whatsoever. However, before that I had the output of the deluge chained to a synth, from there via its midi thru to another device, from there via it's midi out I split the signal to two synths. It worked for the most part but one of the synths at the end of the chain had dropped notes. Bought the midi Thu Box and everything works fine now.

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