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File Transfers


I can transfer files from my computer to the sd card via wifi using Downrush, but i cant find a way to get files from the card to my local computer. i only see the option to move files around within the cards own directories. am i missing something? was hoping to drag and drop synths and recordings direct from the card into a backup drive on my desktop.


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    jamiefayejamiefaye Chicago, ILBeta Tester Posts: 86

    You can download individual files to your computer , but we don't have a good way to download groups of files yet. Moreover, the downloading always has to be to the 'downloads' folder where it is easy to get lost.

    Hoping for a better way soon.

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    jamiefayejamiefaye Chicago, ILBeta Tester Posts: 86

    I just tested the "FlashAir Drive" feature, and it works alongside of Downrush. On my Mac, it creates a virtual disk drive which I can browse around in, and when I find a group of files to transfer, I can drag them as a group to another place.

    The main limitation of this is that you can only copy files from the FlashAir to your computer, not the other way around. It also seems kinda slow. Fortunately the Downrush file manager can take care of that.

    To get this to work, you need to get the FlashAirTool files from Toshiba. Here is where I found mine:

    The distribution includes both the FlashAirDrive application (which opens the disk on your PC), and the FlashAirTool application which sets-up your card for this feature.

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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usaPosts: 296

    Great. i already had the Flashair tool 4 downloaded, so i dont know if that matter, but i just went into my windows network places and created a new workgroup with the address http://flashair/ and now i can assess the card directly from windows explorer. drag drop copy delete all work now.

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