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Waveshaping on all waveforms!


Hi, I'm new here, and waiting to my Deluge to arrive excited!

I'm wondering if in the future it can be implemented waveshaping in all the waveforms, something like this (as an example):
-square with pwm (allready exist)
-sine to triangle (soft clipping)
-saw multiplier with detune (supersaw)


This can make the synth engine much more powerful without changing the UI that much. Being able tp modulate the waveshaping can make the Deluge a full fledged and organic digital synth.

Mutable instruments have his Braids multi oscillator models code open source, maybe some models can be ported to the deluge. I think it's a way to expand the synth engine exponientally.



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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,078

    nice idea.
    supersaw can be done with unison

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    bracketsbrackets BarcelonaPosts: 25

    But the unison can be modulated?
    The beauty of waveshapimg it's to modulate it, like pwm.

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    RandomAztecRandomAztec IrelandPosts: 108

    great ideas

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    hardwarecorehardwarecore wisconsinBeta Tester Posts: 22

    Upvoted, I love this idea. The Spectralis has basically PWM on all waves (I believe it was called "time linearity modulation" on there) and it adds a whole new dimension to sounds.
    Otherwise, if the waveshaping modes the Minibrute has could be emulated, that would be great as well as, in that case, it widened the range of the synth a great deal.

    And, of course, making any of these things available as a mod destination and/or assignable to the gold knobs would be even better!

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    BeamBeam IrelandPosts: 30
    That would be great alright .
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    BeamBeam IrelandPosts: 30
    Also if the wooden cheeks could silde off the Deluge for future additional socket like parts with extra new devices or vector joystick etc on each side and new LCD on either side but I do like learning without an LCD . I'm a sucker for sythesis modulation .
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