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Clock output not working

psylenspsylens USPosts: 6
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I put this info in a response to a related conversation, but i haven't got a response - i'll copy/paste the text here, but here's the original post/response:

I just finally got around to trying the clock output on Gate 4 to my eurorack. I hope i am doing something wrong, but i've followed the instructions in the manual and discussion: TClock output is PPQN - i've tried several PPQN amounts (48, 24, 16, 8, 4, 1), Gate 4 is set to output a clock, and i have tried it going into Pam's new workout, Ornaments & Crime, and ES-8 (see below).

I've also tried switching the Gate volts to 5v and 12v. I've also tried it with the Deluge slaved to a midi clock, and self-clocked. When it's self-clocked, i see a "flash of activity" (See next paragraph) at Pam and O&C when starting - as the clock output starts, but quits. When it's Midi-clock-slaved, i don't see any activity when the transport is started from the midi clock master (however the Deluge does start playing).

Analysis of "flash of activity" of the clock output: I ran the clock output from gate 4 into my ES-8 and into a scope in VCV Rack. It is sending the first half of a quarter note's worth of gates, then stops sending gates (scope line goes flat): so if PPQN is set to 24, i see 12 gates, and so-on - at 16 PPQN i see 8, 8->4, 4 -> 2.

I'm running firmware ver 4.0.0. Please tell me i'm doing something wrong, or perhaps there is something else to try.

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    joeshjoesh BrusselsPosts: 67
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    Hi, I often use those Gates, although I more often use the CLK/IN to sync everything externally from another unit (a NerdSeq).

    Anyhow, I quickly checked using a Temps Utile to see it was receiving the clock out from my Deluge, and as far as I can see it's working fine. Just to be clear, I connect Gate 4 (which is set to CLOCK) to the Temps Utile, then I set the PPQN to whatever I need. I just tested it on several settings 8, 16, etc and it seemed to work fine.

    One thing you might need to check, is that the module you're running is calibrated correctly. I remember having similar problems when connecting a NerdSeq to a Temps Utile. I hadn't noticed that I needed to set the PPQN in the Temps Utile (or maybe it was the other way around) to a reasonable level, and then everything ran fine.

    If you have any questions let me know, sorry I can't be of more help.

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    psylenspsylens USPosts: 6

    Thanks for your response Joesh. I am certain it isn't calibration, as i have used all of these modules to sync with each other, and many other devices. My friend and I sync often, and this is the first time i've tried to sync from the deluge clock out.
    Still hoping there's some setting i've flubbed, but if not what is the solution? Obviously the warranty is way expired. The obvious workaround is to slave the Deluge to my eurorack, but i thought i saw somewhere that the Deluge doesn't propagate the clock over midi - i'll check it out.

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    joeshjoesh BrusselsPosts: 67

    The clock does work (in MIDI), I often sync my BitBox Micro and Deluge, works absolutely fine.

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    OszilloOszillo -Posts: 26

    as soon your deluge receives a clock tick it can not play its own clock properly while ignoring the input as you might have started the deluge without its master clock input.
    Example, when i connect the deluge with my octatrack and full stop the octatrack and then try to start the deluge no matter what the deluge does not play its own clock properly, it starts heavy swing and gets out of tune. So i have to turn off midi input on the deluge to fix this and prelisten what the deluge does on its own.

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