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alive555alive555 ThailandBeta Tester Posts: 18

How do you setup an audio in track on the deluge?

Roiuting is midi out from deluge to synth, audio into from synth to deluge



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    HeptagenHeptagen Posts: 277

    Create a new row in song view (like you would when you create a new synth track), then in song view hold a pad of said row and press the select knob. It says "Audio1". Then you can set the input by holding the button "learn/input" and then pressing the audio track row. It will say "left", which is the left channel of the line in but also the built-in mic if no cable is connected. You can scroll through the options, every option with a dot at the end ("left.") means the input gets also routed to the output for monitoring.

    You can read about it all in chapter 9.6 of the deluge manual, page 175

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    alive555alive555 ThailandBeta Tester Posts: 18
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    now got it to work :'}


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