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Is MIDI Thru only for USB possible?

danut007rodanut007ro BucharestPosts: 11

I have a controller connected to deluge using a USB hub. I need to turn on MIDI Thru so deluge will send MIDI from this controller to its MIDI OUT to other synths/sequencers.

But I also want the other sequencers to control deluge using its MIDI IN. This causes a feedback loop because deluge is sending its MIDI IN (from the sequencers) to its MIDI OUT (to sequencers) and so on.

I can solve this if deluge won't pass thru the MIDI IN, only USB.

Any ideas on how to achieve this?

I not sure it's doable in the current firmware, but having a submenu under THRU with USB and DIN and being able to turn ON/OFF those would be nice. If this sounds like doable (for me it is) where can I add this feature request?



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    lowandslowlowandslow United StatesPosts: 29

    Can you be more specific about your setup and what direction you’re trying to send MIDI? You may need a MIDI merge tool. I have a Midi Fighter twist and that sends out midi info on specific channels that the Deluge is also controlling. The Kenton USB to midi allows for merging two midi streams of info. I don’t believe that simply passing midi through the deluge merges data. Also consider using a midi hub rather than playing the “through” game with hardware. That may not be a useful answer - hence the request to further specify your setup. Cheers.

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