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Deluge MIDI out earthed/grounded?


Heyo, I'm an analogue gear user mostly so apologies if this is an ignorant MIDI question.
I want to use the Deluge to control/sequence the Meris Polymoon and Empress Zoia effect pedals.
I plan to do this using this specific Disaster Area MIDI-TRS cable (rather than getting the Meris/Empress MIDI I/O boxes):

Disaster Area note that:
"This cable requires pin 2 of your controller’s MIDI output to be earthed / grounded. If you’re not sure whether your controller or MIDI device meets this requirement please contact its manufacturer.
This cable is designed to work in “voltage mode.” Devices which use “current mode,” including Jackson Audio, Swindler, and similar should use the MJ-5P or 5P-TRS PRO cables."

So will this work with the Deluge's MIDI out port or is it a different spec? I couldn't find any info regarding this.
Also, if anyone knows, will putting a MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru between the Deluge and the pedals mess with the signal or is this all compatible?

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated, MIDI is dark art to me



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    tombluetomblue Posts: 21

    In case anyone ever comes looking for this, yes the 5P-QQ from Disaster Area works fine with the Deluge

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    djAziddjAzid AmsterdamPosts: 196

    I don't know the cable, but pin 2 should have ground on it as:
    1) it's in the midi spec
    2) my widi masters is using this as well to have the ground.
    So it should be fine.

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