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HELP: No midi out on channels 1 to 7 via USB on firmware 4.0

HugoLopesHugoLopes SpainPosts: 4
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Hi, with firmware 4.0.0 today I came across this strange problem: no midi OUT on channels 1 to 7 via USB. It works via midi cables. I've tried different USB cables, connecting directily to different external synths (Micromonsta or Prophet 6 via a Retrokit midi hub) and I allways get the same behaviour: No midi output no channels 1 to 7. Midi clock is out and midi is out in channels 8 to 16.

Midi IN via usb works as expected and I was able to map an external keyboard on channels 1 to 16.

I did a firmware upfrade again and the problem persisits.

This problem is only with firmware. 4.0.0 On firmware V3.1.5 everything works as expected.

Can it be related with something regarding MPE channels ? Is there a workarround?


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    djAziddjAzid AmsterdamPosts: 196
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    Just checked w/ cubase & reaper and it works as expected.
    The usb here goes directly in the computer, no usb hubs and so on.
    Maybe try it w/ the diff option off.

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