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Can you select which USB MIDI port to send to?


Am having trouble communicating with a korg synth over USB MIDI.

In Audio MIDI Setup on mac, the device shows as having two MIDI I/O ports. Notes send and receive on port 2, and port 1 is used for system / firmware / other stuff. (annoyingly seems to be a common thing on Korg synths to put song info on port 2)

The Deluge can receive input via LEARN, but MIDI out seems to be going to either the wrong device port or both. Is there a way to enable / disable MIDI send ports per USB device?

FWIW it's been a while since I've programmed for USB MIDI, but if i recall correctly what Mac / Win APIs refer to as a MIDI port is a Virtual MIDI Cable in the official 1.0 spec. Port here doesnt mean the USB port, but one USB MIDI device can have multiple virtual ports / cables to be enumerated.



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    AbortRetryFailAbortRetryFail FloridaBeta Tester Posts: 57

    You can pick which MPE splits are sent or received for which USB port individually. For non-MPE MIDI, you get 16 channels.

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    reason1892reason1892 Posts: 5

    I don’t mean which USB port to send to, but one device can have multiple midi ports (virtual cables). It’s part of the USB midi spec. Many korg synths seem to have their song events sent and received on the second “virtual cable”

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