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Custom 1 sample pitch changes within kits are out of tune, not whole semitones, horrible!

pogodancepogodance United KingdomPosts: 21

Hi, love the Deluge but have a problem. I make a kit by importing a small folder of wavs using "all". Many of them are tuned sounds. I transpose the pitch of some single rows or notes using gold knob Custom 1. Some pitch intervals are fine. Some are truly horrible. They are absolutely not whole semitones. Is there a way to fine tune? (I think not). Moreover, is this a recognised problem and is there a way to avoid it?


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    pogodancepogodance United KingdomPosts: 21

    Is the Custom 1 when it's controlling pitch (the default) connecting to a parameter for that row that I could edit by some other means by selecting that parameter on the grid?

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    Too_MereToo_Mere Chicago, IL, USABeta Tester, Mentor Posts: 755

    The custom 1 is more of a course tuning knob. Best for drum sounds that don’t need to be in tune. Custom 1 is also separate from other tuning parameters.
    You can use master transpose shortcut for semitones, or the oscillator transpose allows adjusting semitones and cents.

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