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My first track with deluge only.


criticism is welcome.)


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    luis_costaluis_costa PortugalBeta Tester Posts: 15

    Nice track, love the piano! What samples did you use for it?

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    HeptagenHeptagen Posts: 267

    Oh wow such a beautiful composition! Dreamy chords, the melody has a beautiful flow and the arp-like synth with delay fits so well sound wise.
    Here's what I think could make this even better:

    • The piano recording seems to have some artifacts. It sounds like its sped up or something, not quite as smooth as a piano should sound.
    • The mixing / mastering could have used some more attention. I'm missing some lows and some compression. A little sidechaining could help with this too. Deluge tracks almost always need a bit of compression as a last touch.

    You show so much musicality in this track and that you have a great feeling for composition and arrangement, very well done. I really enjoyed this.

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